Prefabricated Residential Metal Building Packages - Why Are They Becoming So Popular?

  • You first might ask 'Why would I consider one of those Residential Metal Building Packages for my new home?' To answer that, we should look at what prospective new home-buyers are concerned about most.

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    The quality of construction seems to be the major worry with almost half of new home purchasers naming this as their number one concern. About one quarter are concerned about the overall aesthetic design and how their new home will look. A whopping ten percent have BOTH concerns.

    Quality of Residential Metal Buildings

    Let's take a look at the first - and biggest - concern. The quality of a product is affected by the materials used and the care in which they are used. In product quality, steel wins hands down and prefabricated homes offer quality controlled fabrication.

    Today's metal framing materials are fabricated from products made in a quality-controlled environment to very strict tolerances and specifications. Steel and metal framing materials have a much better strength-to-weight ratio making for stronger, lighter structures. The mechanical connections used in load-bearing metal stud construction are stronger and in many cases tighter as well.

    Metal framing does not warp, crack, twist or shrink like wood framing. Many air leaks in homes are caused from these movements of wood meaning that a metal framed home is more energy efficient in that way. Metal does not rot or promote the growth of mold like wood framing can. Steel and metal framing are impermeable to termites and other vermin. Prefab metal buildings have non-flammable framing as well.

    Metal framed residential houses that are panelized provide the prospective home-owner with the added ease-of-mind that the structure has been fabricated in a quality-controlled environment. The panels are shipped to your new home site and stood in place by your builder, anchored to the floor below and fastened one panel to the next. The metal floor joists are then placed, subfloor installed and you are ready for the next floor's wall panels. Metal roof trusses are then placed and your roofing system is installed.

    Having the wall panels prefabricated your roof trusses factory fabricated and your floor joist made of high strength, light-weight steel framing should ease the mind of any prospective home buyer.

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    Aesthetic Design in Residential Building Packages

    To respond to the second concern, we consider the tremendous flexibility of building with steel. Your new prefabricated steel house kit can look just like any other house in your neighborhood. Or, if you prefer, your metal home can be very unique.

    If your house plans include for a Spanish style, colonial style, California style or something more modern, metal building kits can be accommodating. Virtually every conceivable exterior finishing material can be applied to metal framed residential houses.

    If you prefer something more unusual or unique like octagon or hexagon prefabricated houses, custom designed, prefabricated metal building kits will be available. Even curved walls can be accommodated with steel building kits.

    With residential metal building kits, aesthetic design has few boundaries. Dream about your new home design and prefabricated metal building manufacturers will work out the details to provide you with a structural frame that can be finished to your desires. Prefabrication of your metal home will take away the possibility of framing mistakes or short-cuts because the panels are factory-built in a controlled environment.

    For those of you who are concerned about the environment, in which we live, consider these points:
    *Steel buildings are considered 'green' because the steel is 100% recyclable.
    *There is far less waste in a metal house than a wood house - about one tenth.
    *Metal framing materials contain an average of over 65% recycled steel.
    *The Healthy House Institute recommends steel framing for indoor air quality.

    With all of the benefits of prefabricating your new home with steel framing, it's no wonder that metal framed home packages are becoming more and more popular.

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    What to Do Next

    · Put together a plan for the purchase and construction of your metal house.

    · Include your size and height requirements
    · Add any special conditions -windows, exterior design, balconies

    · Consider how the interior and exterior would be finished to best suit your needs

    · Think about what accessories might complement your metal home

    · Go to our Metal Building Kits Articles Map for a variety of informative articles packed with tips, tricks and ideas
    · Decide on a short list of contractors/manufacturers/suppliers.
    · Get pricing from three prospective companies
    · Compare the proposals carefully - including long term costs
    · Then 'jump in' and purchase your residential metal building.
    · Now the living begins!


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    Why would the informed new home purchaser choose one of the prefab Residential Metal Building Packages? The reasons...       For the rest of the article see Residential Metal Building Packages.



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