Prefab Metal Shop Buildings for Economy, Safety and Utility

  • All three of the main prefab metal building kit styles can shine here. Metal Shop Buildings provide the purchaser with an economical, safe environment in which to operate.

    Steel shop buildings have structures that are non-flammable making them a very safe investment. This point alone could save you considerably over the years in reduced insurance premiums.

    Metal buildings will not warp, twist, crack, shrink or rot like wood framed structures. Metal buildings are also impermeable to termites and other vermin. Reduced maintenance costs are another big plus for shops that are purchased as prefab metal building kits.

    Your shop building could be one of the custom designed prefabricated buildings or it could be and off-the-shelf structure - depending on your design preferences and required loadings. A prefabricated steel mezzanine can be included in your metal building as well.

    The design flexibility of prefab, panelized metal buildings will appeal to those who are after a mid-sized building with architectural aesthetics. The metal stud walls provide a solid base for wall mounted racks, shelving, displays, etc. Metal roof trusses can span large areas making an open-concept possible. The exterior of your panelized metal shop can be finished in virtually any material you wish. Windows and doors can be placed where ever they may be required or desired.

    The economics of arch-style buildings may make this style of metal building kit more interesting to some. Although there is limited design features available, arch-style building kits do offer a wide open interior to work with. Windows and doors will be limited mainly to the two endwalls. To install these in sidewalls creates extra engineering and cost that may defeat the purpose of choosing this style of metal building kit.

    If you are looking for a much larger metal shop building then a pre-engineered metal building kit may be the best answer. Pre-eng steel building can provide structures that have higher interior clear heights, and larger spans (clear 300' and more!) than the other two types of metal structures. If a much larger width than 300' is required, interior columns can be placed to shorten the individual spans while still offering open areas where required. For example if your operation requires a 300' width with operating areas of say 60', a grid pattern with interior columns across the building of 60' would provide the operating space required and possibly lower the cost by lightening the required steel in the roof rafter section.



    Pre-eng metal buildings have the ability to have special loadings designed into them. For example, you may require that a traveling crane be installed in a certain bay across two, three or all modules. Or, you may wish to have a heavy hoist mounted to an interior column. These and other loading can easily be accommodated in your new shop building.

    These building are extremely versatile in terms of aesthetics as well. Gone are the days when a preengineered metal building has to be a box. Now these buildings can have any design you would prefer. There is even a pre-eng theme park building designed as a replica of the Titanic - complete with ice-berg! Looking at this 'ship' you would not believe that it could be a pre-engineered steel building.


    What to Do Next

    Check out the articles relating to Pre-engineered Metal Buildings, Arch Steel Buildings and Metal Stud Panelized Building Kits

    Put together a 'game-plan' or business plan for your metal shop building.

    Include your size and height requirements

    Add any special conditions - cranes, large windows, doors, exterior design

    Consider how the interior and exterior would be finished to best suit your needs

    Decide on how you would like to heat and cool the building

    Think about what accessories might complement your metal building

    Go to our Metal Building Kits Articles Map for a variety of informative articles packed with tips, tricks and ideas

    Decide on a short list of contractors/manufacturers/suppliers.

    Get pricing from three prospective companies

    Compare the proposals carefully - including long term costs

    Then 'jump in' and purchase your metal commercial building.

    Now the fun begins!


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