Prefabricated Metal Garage Building Kits - The Affordable, Problem-Free, Do-It-Yourself Option

  • We all want more 'space' to store our vehicles, 'toys', lawn tools, patio furniture - you name it. Garages are used for workspace, workshops, and even party rooms! For affordable and high quality garages that you can build yourself, Metal Garage Building kits offer the best option.

Advantages of prefabricated metal garages are well documented and abundant. Steel does not warp, twist, crack, or shrink. Metal garages are non-combustible making them safer as well as potentially saving you money on your insurance. There are no metal garage building problems related to termites, insects and other vermin. Virtually maintenance-free, metal garage buildings are definitely your best choice.

Metal arch building kits are often the most economical steel building option. These building kits are ideal for the do-it-yourself handyman. Most are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and are virtually maintenance free.


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Another economical option for a do-it-yourself metal garage is what is sometimes called a sheet metal building. In this type of building, the walls are constructed of structural metal siding panels which act as the finished exterior skin and the structural support for the building. There is minimal interior roof framing with a metal roof skin to close-in the garage. This type of building can be color coordinated with its surroundings. It also has the advantage of having a more traditional shape.

Panelized metal stud buildings offer a few advantages that the above don't have. With a traditional metal stud framed wall, insulation, electrical wiring etc. can be easily installed. The framing also allows for traditional finishes to be easily installed. The roof framing as well can be engineered for special ceiling loads if required. If you are looking for a two storey metal garage, this is perhaps the best options as floor systems can be engineered and added to your kit. These advantages do come at a slight extra cost when compared to the above and the exterior finishes are site applied after erection.

Of course, for larger garages, pre-engineered metal garage kits offer major advantages. Very large clear spans are available in this type of construction. Special heavy loads can be engineered into the steel frames. Insulation is easily installed at the time of erection. Exterior finishes are as varied as your imagination for these building kits. They are however somewhat more difficult to erect and the larger steel buildings may require special equipment to assemble and lift the frames into position.

By choosing any of the above types of prefab metal buildings for your garage, you can be assured of purchasing a sound investment.


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