Prefab Metal Farm Buildings - Today's Choice For Economy and Versatility

  • Progressive farmers today are choosing steel barns and Metal Farm Buildings more often than ever. And the reasons are simple. Economy - both long term and short term - and the extreme versatility of prefab metal agricultural buildings are major drawing cards for any businessman.

    There are types, styles, shapes and sizes for virtually any farm building use. Looking for two storey metal barns? No problem! How about metal horse barns and riding arenas? Looking for prefab pole barns? Metal barn kits?

    All are available with the flexibility and benefits of steel and especially with prefab metal building kits. Steel is one of the strongest construction materials available. Because of its strength, steel buildings can have fewer pieces to erect than a comparable wood building and is therefore is often a very economical choice. Steel will not warp, twist, crack, rot or deteriorate as wood does and metal barn buildings are impermeable to termites and other vermin.

    Kitted steel agricultural buildings come with very detailed assembly manuals unlike raw lumber barn materials. Prefab metal farm building kits have much of the 'detail' work done ready for easy assembly. In most cases, the holes are drilled and small subassemblies are already done making these kits do-it-yourself friendly.


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    Steel farm buildings and barns are non-flammable making them safer structures. In many cases, property and fire insurance can be significantly lower on a steel farm building than a wood structure.


    Steel Arch Farm Buildings

    Steel and metal arch buildings have been an economical choice for many farm buildings. Used for implement sheds, workshops, storage buildings and more, these buildings are often owner erected. A series of metal 'hoops' are bolted together becoming the wall structure, the roof structure and the outer skin of the building all at once.

    In recent years, the original rounded steel arch has been further developed to enhance the usage of these metal structures. Straight walls for a variety of heights allow higher storage right next to the outer walls. Even the round roof has in some cases been adapted to a sort-of rounded gable look.

    Hanging anything from the ceiling or walls can be a problem for this type of agricultural building. However, if this is not required, metal arch buildings may be your most economical choice.


    Pre-Engineered Steel Farm Buildings

    If a large span metal farm building is required, pre-engineered metal agricultural buildings are most often your best bet. With the ability to clear span 300' and more, pre-eng steel buildings offer the utmost in user flexibility.

    A preengineered steel farm building can be designed to have special heavy loading on the structure. For example, if you require a crane or other lifting device in your building, you would design that loading right into the structure alleviating the need for adding more structure.

    A mezzanine or loft can be engineered into the building as well giving the farmer a one-stop-shop for the entire building. This leads to a whole host of potential agricultural uses for pre-eng farm structures.

    Think of pre-eng buildings as steel pole barns or wood ole barns on steroids. Size, strength, versatility and flexibility make pre-engineered steel farm buildings the large agricultural building of choice.


    Prefab Panelized Metal Stud Farm Building Kits

    This is a relatively new type of agricultural building. As the name implies, these kits are made by prefabricating structural metal studs into wall panels for easy on-site tilt-up erection. The metal stud wall panels are complemented by metal floor joists and metal roof trusses to complete the barn structure.

    This building system has been used in commercial and residential applications with great success for years. One of the great appeals of this type of construction is that the buildings can be constructed six or seven storeys high. Having this ability opens up a number of agricultural uses that the other two types of buildings can't compete with economically.

    Panelized metal farm buildings can also be very economical for the smaller barns and sheds. With the addition of interior walls or columns & beams, these building can compete very favorably with conventional pole structures.

    With so many benefits and potential cost benefits, it's no wonder that prefab steel and metal farm buildings are fast becoming the agricultural professional's choice.


    What to Do Next

    · Check out the articles relating to Pre-engineered Metal Buildings, Arch Steel Buildings and Metal Stud Panelized Building Kits
    · Put together a 'game-plan' or business plan for your metal farm building.
    · Include your size and height requirements
    · Add any special conditions - cranes, large windows, doors, exterior design
    · Consider how the interior and exterior would be finished to best suit your needs
    · Think about what accessories might complement your metal building
    · Go to our Metal Building Kits Articles Map for a variety of informative articles packed with tips, tricks and ideas
    · Decide on a short list of contractors/manufacturers/suppliers.
    · Get pricing from three prospective companies· Compare the proposals carefully - including long term costs
    · Then 'jump in' and purchase your metal farm building.

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