Metal Building Architectural Design Software, Estimating Software and Management Software

  • With the myriad of software companies trying to sell their products it's hard to find the best Metal Building Design Software, estimating software, light gauge steel framing design software, contractor management software and/or other construction software for metal buildings to best suit your specific needs. We will offer you a few options here for comparison to help in your decision based on your software requirements.

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  • Architectural Home Design Software
  • There are numerous CAD based Architectural home design software programs for residential buildings as well. Some of these Architectural design software products are quite easy to use while others can be very complex .


    One of the World's #1 Best selling 3D Architectural Home and Landscape Design Software packages comes from Punch!  Whether you want to build a new home, remodel your existing home, re-do your interior, or work on your garden and landscape, the Punch! Design Software may be the software for you.  How would you like to plant your garden (in cyber space) and then watch it grow over a period of 5 years right before your eyes?  This software also allows you to take a 3 dimensional walk through your home so that you can get a first hand look at the dimensions and details.  Like the previous software, the features of this program are suitable for the novice right through to the professional.  Save $25 Off Punch Software orders of $100 or more with code PUNCHSAVE25. Ends 12/5/2014.


    To design prefab metal building kits, many of the pre-engineered metal building manufacturers like Butler and Robertson have their own proprietary software. In some cases, this software is made available to the manufacturer's dealers, distributors or contractors. Most of this software is very powerful. Custom designed prefabricated metal buildings are no problem for the pre-eng software. With very little data input, this type of software can design a building and provide the contractor with pricing details and even structural drawings. This software is of course kept well guarded by many of the manufacturers.

Metal Frame Panelizing Home Building Software

For the metal stud panelizing industry there is light gauge steel framing design software available as well. This software works in conjunction with AutoCAD. For example, the footprint of a building is in-put into AutoCAD along with some parameters that are set by the user. The software provides a detailed panel layout and list, material cut list, material order list and even a cutting pattern. This information can be used in your estimating software to produce an accurate quotation.


  • Metal Building Estimating Software
  • In terms of estimating software, there are generic types of software like Microsoft's Excel that can be used in its spreadsheet format. This software is very commonly used in many businesses and for many different purposes. It is by no means industry specific.

    For industry specific software, you would have to look at a software product like Timberline Office. Timberline Office software is actually a suite of products that can handle everything from estimating to project managing to client and vendor lists to accounting and job costing. Each module can link to the others making the complete package just that - a complete construction management package. This product is one of the Sage Group's business management products. A somewhat 'lighter' version of the Timberline software is the Peachtree by Sage Premium Accounting for Construction software.
  • There are other interesting computer related products that savvy owners and contractors are raving about. One such product is web conferencing or an internet conferencing solution. With this program, parties can 'meet' for a conference online. This type of remote conferencing makes long distance meetings to discuss details and features a snap.

    Another web based software solution allows you to access your home or office computer from any computer anywhere in the world. With laptop travel on aircraft under such scrutiny these days, you need not worry about having to carry you PC with you. Or, while on vacation, if the need arises, you could access information that is stored on your home or office computer.
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  • To learn more, go to our Metal Building Kits Articles Map for a variety of informative articles or check out some of the products on this page
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