Timberline Software - Power-up Your Construction Business

  • One of the most complete and powerful construction software packages that I am aware of is the suite of Timberline Software. Timberline construction software is a complete powerhouse of tools that can take you from initial estimating right through to the final accounts payable, with document tracking, reporting and controls.

    The Timberline Estimating Software is a stand-alone module that can be integrated into the other modules. With the ability to incorporate some of the most complete databases you can be up and running almost instantly. To specialize, like a metal building estimating software, you can build your own database quickly and easily. Add-on components like a digitizer and ePlan take-off, your business estimating can be streamlined even more. In today's fast-paced marketplace it's imperative that the contractor can produce comprehensive, accurate estimates quickly. This is the tool to accomplish that!

    The Timberline Construction Project Management Software module offers an almost unbelievable amount of information, document control and tracking as well as reporting. Drawings can be tracked from when they are received, what version, whom they were sent to and if required, when a response to the drawings is required. Meeting minutes are tracked as well. If a particular trade or person is required to provide information or a response by a certain date, it can be flagged so that the Project Manager will be notified if the response is not received. All correspondence can be tracked when documented. RFI's (Request For Information) can be tracked and flagged for response dates. You or your Project Manager can access all of this information quickly and easily.

    The heart of the Timberline Construction Software is the Timberline Accounting Software module. Each accounting project can be started from 'scratch' or set-up using the estimating files. Complete accounting functions are available including cheque writing. This powerful construction accounting software tool can keep track of clients, vendors and contacts so that they are quickly and easily available for use or reference. With a full range of accounting reports and the ability to customize each, Timberline Accounting offers users the ultimate in company-personalized information.

    The Timberline Office Procurement module allows users to take detailed estimates and turn them into RFQ'S (Request For Quotations). Vendors can be chosen and the purchasing process can begin. With this construction software module, purchase orders can be generated and change orders can be tracked. And what makes this process more powerful is the fact that the figures from the procurement module can flow right through the rest of your Timberline Office software modules including accounting functions such as Job Cost, Accounts Payable and Billing.

    There are a number of other Timberline Office software modules that I am unfamiliar with but which may be of extreme interest to you. Production Management, Property Management and Service Management are among these.

    This suite of Timberline construction software tools is definitely not for everyone. However, if you are a company looking for an exceptionally powerful management tool to vault your business to the next level, the Timberline Office Software suite of tools may be just what you are looking for. Check it out for yourself… I'm a believer.

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