Timberline Construction Estimating Software

  • For today's fast-paced construction climate, cutting-edge estimating software is essential. Timberline Construction Estimating Software is a powerful and time reducing solution. Whether your business is a commercial general contractor, an electrical subtrade or a Prefab Metal Building Kits fabricator, this marvelous software can catapult your sales without adding undue stress or manpower up-front.

    Features of the Timberline Construction Estimating module and accessories include:
    Cut & Fill
    Database Editor
    ePlan Takeoff
    Estimating Databases
    Estimating Explorer
    Estimating Report Manager
    Estimating TRA-SER Integrator
    Estimating Viewer
    Model Estimating
    Schedule Integrator

    Today's business owners want answers (prices) now! With the ability to create construction estimate templates, Timberline Office Estimating can put you in a position to provide an accurate quotation or estimate in a minimal amount of time. Last minute adjustments to your estimate are quick and easy to make with the Cuts & Adds Log - an important feature on bid day.

    Timberline's estimating software has the ability to import some of the most comprehensive databases available including the RSMeans databases. Specialized businesses and trades can easily build their own database specific to their particular needs.

    Keeping track of sub-trade quotes can be a challenge. Estimating Extended has a Subcontractor Bid Grid that provides an easy way to store, analyze and select your sub-contractor for inclusion in the estimate.

    Need to prepare construction estimates in imperial and metric? No problem with Timberline Office. You can do your take-off in one system of measurement and then convert it to the other system.

    Using WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) codes allows you to organize your estimate in a variety of ways. For example, you can get results by floor level project phase or even drawing detail. Your reports can then be presented in the manner you wish to present.

    And speaking of reports, with your estimate information entered, you can have that information presented in a report that best suits your needs. Require a report for the boss who only likes to see the bottom line? No problem. Want to see a comprehensive estimating report? Timberline's construction estimating software can produce that.

    When paired with the Timberline Construction Accounting Software, your estimate can be used to set up the project by the accountant. Add on the Timberline Construction Project Management Software module and you have a complete management package from estimate to final billing and everything in between.

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