Robertson Buildings’ Hub and Spoke Design and Delivery System

Robertson Building Systems is one of a number of companies under the NCI Group Inc. umbrella. As such Robertson has the advantage to tap the resources of all members of NCI.

NCI’s companies have design facilities and manufacturing plants all across North America for metal buildings and metal building components. This means that Robertson can economize even more by having materials shipped from the applicable plant closest to the actual construction site.

Even more important than that is the capability to have your metal building delivered on schedule even if the usual plant is backed up. They do this by using a system they call the “Hub and Spoke” system.

Picture an old-time wagon wheel. At the centre of the wheel is the hub. Radiating out from that are a number of spokes. These spokes run from various points around the wheel to the hub – or centre of the wheel.

In a similar manner, the Robertson offices act as the hub (centre) of their network. The thirty-nine metal building and component design and manufacturing plants are spread out in many locations around the continent. These facilities are linked back to Robertson through the NCI network.

When an order comes in, Robertson starts the design process in order; in queue. If there is a “bottleneck” in the engineering at one of the Robertson facilities the process could easily be sent to another “spoke” that is not as busy.

The engineering - after approval - would then be sent to a facility close to the actual metal building construction site. If that facility is backed up too far it could then be sent to another facility for manufacture.

All of the metal building components may not be supplied by the same facility. The main steel structural components could be supplied by one factory with the secondary metal components supplied elsewhere and the siding and roofing products manufactured at yet another facility (although this rarely happens).

This system makes for very efficient use of all facilities and ensures that Robertson’s metal building customers get a quality product at a competitive price and most importantly on time.

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