Prefabricated Metal Building - Purchase for the Correct Use(s)

On this article page - Prefabricated Metal Building - we will expand upon our article Prefab Metal Buildings - What you need to know before you buy. In that article we offered a number of topics that require some thought and research for the successful purchase of the correct metal building.

As we mentioned, this might seem to be a no-brainer. But make no mistake. Prefab metal building kits - any buildings for that matter - have been purchased without much thought as to what uses the building will have. And many of these purchases have proven to be costly mistakes.

You obviously have a desired (or required) need for a new metal building - otherwise you wouldn't be here. But break down that need into smaller parts.

For a simple example you might need a prefab building to store something, say a vintage car. You will have to have a building large enough to have a door that the car can go through. But what else do you foresee being stored with that car? Perhaps you have a number of parts, accessories or other peripheral items. Will you require a workspace with workbench? What about a motor hoist suspended form the ceiling or roof framing? Will you want to have an upper storage area or mezzanine to store items?

The answers to these questions will direct you to a specific type of pre-fab metal building. The hoist requirement would probably mean that a metal arch building is out. A pre-eng type building would require reinforcing to handle the load, as would a panelized metal building. If openings are desired on end walls and sidewalls, arch buildings are probably eliminated as well.

Now continuing with the example, can you foresee purchasing another car or perhaps an RV that would require storage? Now is the time to plan for that. A panelized metal building would require that the enwall that can be removed. In the case of a pre-eng steel building, you would require an expandable end wall frame.

Is the building an investment that when you are finished with your vintage toys that you would sell. Consider the re-sale value of what you are proposing to purchase. Perhaps instead of a 12' high building, an 18' high building will offer a larger buyer market and consequently a higher re-sale value.

Another example of this would be the case of a commercial metal building used for offices. A three-storey building for example would have a higher re-sale value if each of the floors were self-contained so that each floor could be leased separately. You may never have a need to divide the building, but at re-sale time you again expand your purchaser base.

In the case of metal farm buildings, the requirements - and subsequently building types - are different if you are purchasing steel horse barns or metal barns for storage purposes.

Planning your purchase of a metal prefabricated building well can prove to be a huge cost saver. Mistakes in planning cost money - often big money. But by completing your 'due diligence', you will have limited the possible mistakes and be able to be comfortable with your ultimate choice.


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