Pre-eng Steel Buildings and Pre-engineered Kits

Large steel warehouse buildings are what many people associate with the terms pre-engineered steel buildings or Pre-eng Steel Buildings. What many don't know is that these buildings are now being engineered to have very unconventional looks. To the extreme, one Canadian pre-eng builder actually built a replica of the Titanic - complete with 'ice-berg' - for a theme park in the United States. The structure of this 'building' was engineered and supplied by an engineered steel building systems manufacturer.

The expression 'engineered building system' is the term preferred today by many of the pre-eng steel manufacturers. It better describes the companies' function. These companies take your building information - i.e. length, width, height, shape, loadings required by local or national building codes, special loading conditions etc. and engineer a steel building package that best suits your specific needs.

This information is passed on to the fabrication plant and the components are then manufactured to order as required. By 'optimizing' the design, excess weight is removed thus ensuring a very economical finished product. And by using superior raw materials, you are assured of a high quality, very strong metal building kit.

A pre-eng steel building package could include all of the materials to provide the closed-in envelope of your building or may only include the framing components ready for your exterior and interior finishes.

Preengineered steel buildings are today used for a huge array of purposes - Commercial Buildings, Shop Buildings, Farm Buildings... They are well suited to one and two storey buildings, but can be designed to handle more levels. And if large clear open areas or high clear heights are required, pre-engineered steel buildings are your best answer. A short list of uses may include:

Storage Buildings.
Manufacturing Plants
Office buildings
Medical centers
Big Box Stores
Multi Site Corporations for uniformity of design
Shopping Centers
Shopping Malls
Commercial strip malls
Ice Arenas
Recreational complexes
Indoor sports fields
Horse barns
Riding academies
Storage barns
Cattle Barns
Driving Sheds

This list can go on and on, but I think you get the picture - pre-engineered steel buildings are extremely versatile.


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