Metal Horse Barns

Why are steel buildings ideal structures for horse barns? Metal horse barns offer owners a host of advantages over other types of construction.
Metal Horse Barn Design Options

Metal and steel buildings are extremely flexible in design. You could have clear open areas of 300 feet or more in width. For economics, interior columns can be placed that maximize usage while optimizing the structural design of your horse barn.

Access openings can be placed virtually anywhere around the perimeter of the building. This means that you could have individual horse stall doors to the exterior as well as having very large equipment sized doors.

Over-all size and height are limitless. Your steel barn could be sized to accommodate five horses or fifty horses. It can be high enough to have a floor above the stalls if so desired.  And, metal horse barns can be designed large enough to accommodate Indoor Horse Riding Arenas.

Pre-engineered metal horse barns can be easily insulated at the time of construction as well.

Safety Concerns for constructing a Steel Horse Barn

Steel and metal buildings are non-combustible. As such, the building itself will not contribute fuel to a potential fire. (This item could also reduce your insurance costs.)

Metal does not promote the mould growth thus providing a healthier environment for your horses. Steel does not provide food or safe harbor for insects as wood does.

With the ability to place openings virtually anywhere in a Metal Farm Building shell, ventilation for free air movement will not become an issue. The Healthy House Institute actually recommends the use of steel framing for good indoor air quality.

Steel and metal horse barns can be designed to withstand the harshest conditions that Mother Nature can muster. In hurricane areas, pre-engineered buildings remain standing and in many cases totally intact while buildings around them have collapsed or sustained substantial damage.

The Ecology of Metal Barns

Many horse owners consider themselves ecologically conscious. Steel is considered to be a “Green” building material. With an engineered steel building kit for your horse barn, there is very little waste material – substantially less than other construction methods. Steel is the most recycled material in North America. More steel scrap is recycled than paper, plastic, glass and aluminum combined.

Speed of Construction in Metal Barn Buildings

Pre-fab Metal Buildings as well as other types of steel kits are basically a very large “Mechano” set, similar to the toys we used to play with. Having barn building members pre-drilled and ready for bolting together speeds erection time on site. And we all know that time is money! In some cases, a cheaper building in the beginning may cost more in the end due to extended construction times, waste materials and mistakes if construction.

As you can see, steel horse barns do indeed have advantages over other types of construction.


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