Get Answers Before You Purchase Your Metal Garage Kit 21 Questions About Your Estimates

When purchasing a new metal garage kit or building there are a few questions that you should have answered up front in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

Of course you will have already made sure that the metal building supplier has met your needs in terms of size, shape, clear height required  and other accessories for your new garage building.

It is important to look at all of the terms or "fine print" to ensure that you are comparing apples-to-apples.  Most metal building manufacturers and dealers are very trustworthy and spell things out so that their potential customers know exactly what they are getting.

However it is up to you the purchaser to ensure that you are getting what you have asked for and what you require in your new metal garage building.  By using this check list of questions you should be able to better compare your quotations.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means but it will certainly weed out some of the suppliers or builders that you do not want to deal with.

  1. Is delivery of your new prefab metal garage building included?
  2. Will I need to unload your garage building kit or will the shipper unload?
  3. Does the building estimate include for insurance during transportation?
  4. Are engineer stamped drawings included in the building quote? (These may be required for your building permit.)
  5. Are anchor bolts included in the building estimate?
  6. Does your garage estimate include insulation?
  7. Are the man doors included? What about the finish hardware?
  8. Are the overhead doors or sliding doors included?
  9. Are the windows included in your metal building estimate?
  10. Is the interior liner panel (if you require it) included in the garage quote?
  11. Do you have your pick of colours for the siding and roofing, etc.?
  12. Have your special loading needs been addressed in the quotation?
  13. Are there any items that are not included in the building estimate?
  14. What are the payment terms?
  15. Are taxes and duties (if applicable) included in the garage estimate?
  16. How quickly can you get the design information required to supply to your foundation engineer?
  17. How long will shop drawings take for your approval?
  18. How long after you approve the shop drawings will it take for your new metal garage building be delivered?
  19. What is the warranty on your new metal garage?
  20. What is the after-sale service policy?
  21. Can the supplier/manufacturer provide you with a list of references and referrals?

After checking each of your garage building quotes against this list of questions you should be able to narrow the choices for your purchase decision. Knowing the answers can save heart-ache after you have committed to purchase an incomplete or wrong building for your needs.


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