Your Metal Garage Building Estimates - What You Should Know First

Before obtaining a Metal Garage Building Estimate, there are a number of items that you should know. And before you go in search of estimates for your new metal garage building, there are a few things that you need to decide.

First, you need to ask yourself exactly what is this building going to be used for. A vintage car storage garage will have different requirements than say a garage where you would be doing autobody repairs. And these differences may affect your building and of course the estimate.

Will you be erecting your metal garage building kits yourself? Do you want to hire a qualified contractor to erect the garage building? Or would you prefer to have the metal building kit manufacturer provide you with an estimate that includes installation by factory approved installers?

Size is of course an important item. Don’t be drawn in to purchasing a metal garage kit of a certain size if it doesn’t meet YOUR requirements or desires. There are plenty of prefab metal building suppliers that will be more than happy to meet your specific requirements – and you often do not pay a premium.

Aesthetics – how the garage looks – will be important to some while others are simply looking for an economical solution to their garage building requirements.

Will you be insulating your metal building kit? This item alone may dictate which type of metal building garage kit is suitable. An economical style garage may prove to be more expensive when you add in the cost to spray insulate and perhaps coat the insulation to protect it (and you).

Will your new garage have a second floor for storage, office space or a recreation space? This is something that not many people consider when getting cost estimates for a garage. However, in some cases this would make your garage much more cost effective than having two outbuildings or additional space added to your home.

How many garage doors, man doors and windows would you like in your garage? Where will these be located in the building? What about special venting requirements?

Do you require special loading added to your garage building framework? A small monorail with a hoist will require additional load engineering to accommodate that added load – again not necessarily overly expensive. Even a block and tackle attached to one of the columns or roof beams will impose a load on that frame member that may require engineering.

Once you have answered these questions and perhaps a few others, you will be ready to actively seek your garage building estimates. For questions that you need to have answered by the manufacturer – before you purchase - see our article on Garage Building Estimate Questions.

What to Do Next

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