How Can I Re-Roof my Metal Building Without Disrupting My Business?

I have an older metal building. I would like to install a new roof but am worried that the process would mean that my business would have to shut down in order to remove the old roof and install the new one. What are my options?

Great question!

But don’t worry about business disruption. The common practice is to install a new roof over the existing roof.

This is accomplished by installing small sub-purlins over the existing roofing and directly on top of the main roof purlins. The new roofing panels are then fastened in place as they normally would be.

There are a number of advantages to this method of re-roofing:

• Lower cost because there are no labour costs required to remove the old panels

• Lower cost because there will be no dumping fees or trucking charges

• The new system in conjunction with the old roof gives a better insulating value

• You have the ability to install more insulation for a more efficient roof system

• You have the ability to upgrade your roofing to a standing seam roof or other architectural panels

• You can carry-on with your business with very little or no interruption what-so-ever

• You can improve the image of your building and business

There are a many different systems available to complete this work. One of these is the Robertson Building Systems’ RTS (Robertson Thermal System).

With the RTS system you have the ability to add R-values up to R-40. Heat and cold transfer is minimized so that your heating and cooling systems don’t have to work as hard. This means energy cost savings for you.

The RTS system is also great for adding thermal value to your walls. Again, you can spruce up your building without the disruption of removing the existing wall panels and opening up your facility to the elements.

As you can see installing a new roof (or wall panels) to your metal building can be completed quickly, efficiently and economically by using one of these systems.


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