How to Plan and Build My New Metal Building Kits – Part 9 – Miscellaneous Accessories

We have already addressed a number of accessories available for your metal building roof and walls. There are a number of others that we will look at in this installment.

You may wish to have some cover over the entrance doors to your steel building. There are different canopies or cover roofs available depending on your particular structure and the location on the building.

You could have the roof-line extended at your gable end to provide cover over your doors if the roof is not too much higher than the top of the doors.

There are light duty “slimline” awnings available for some structures. Others may provide structural awnings. Structural awnings have support columns to support the awning at the furthest point from the building structure.

You may wish that your new engineered metal building does not show a sloped roof. Perhaps you would like a sign band across the top of your building.

Metal building kits can accommodate you here as well. Parapet walls can be engineered to handle any of your requirements. And to handle the flow of water off of the roof, interior gutters and valley gutters are available.

Special facades are not a problem either. A pre-eng metal building kit does not have to look like a “tin box”. One builder from Ontario Canada actually constructed a Robertson Building for a theme park that looks like the Titanic – complete with ice-berg!

There are also many different trims available to customize your building kit to suit your taste. Gable trims, sidewall trims, gutters and down pipes are all available to provide a complete package to suit your needs and your personality.

And anything that your manufacturer can’t provide in terms of accessories, they can at least provide the openings, connections or structural supports to accommodate your alternate accessories. Just make sure that you specify exactly what you need.

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