How to Plan and Build My New Metal Building Kits – Part 8 – Wall Accessories

In this installment of our series we will discuss some of the available wall accessories for your new prefab metal building kit.
In the last installment we discussed roof accessories and how important selecting the right accessories can mean the difference between the perfect steel building for your needs and a nightmarish monster.

Wall accessories can be a little more forgiving.

Of course we already looked at Doors and Windows in a previous installment.

As with your roof, translucent panels are available in the more popular metal panel profiles. The higher up on the wall that these panels are positioned, the further into your metal building the light will reach. These accessories are intended to get natural light into your structure but not to be able to look out.

Windows are often available from your metal building manufacturer or dealer. If not, you can always purchase windows yourself and have the pre-engineered building manufacturer provide you with the proper sized opening in your walls. They will also provide trim flashings if required.

The same is true for “man doors” or walk-in doors.

Large service doors are similar in that you have the manufacturer engineer a wall opening of the proper size and in the correct location to suit your purposes. You can then source your own overhead door or roll-up door to suit your needs.

Many manufacturers can also provide large sliding doors to suit your needs. This type of door you will see as you drive in the countryside on many barns and drive sheds. However, this type of door is also used for aircraft hangers. It can be utilized whenever you need to gain access to your building with large pieces of equipment or vehicles.

You may wish to have open areas in the walls of your new metal building. Perhaps you would like to have a low “dado” wall of brick to accent your building entrance. Maybe you would prefer to have part (or all) of your metal building clad with EIFS (Exterior Insulated Finish System). You can simply specify that you want an open area of “this” size in “this” location.

Many purchasers and users of pre-eng steel buildings and metal building kits prefer to have an interior metal line panel installed. This accessory can protect your insulation and your exterior wall panel from damage. It can also make your building more aesthetic looking inside. But my favorite reason for liner panels is that it can reduce clean-up considerably because dirt can’t get into as many nooks and crannies as it can without liner panels. You don’t need to have liner panels go to the roof. You can specify how high you would like the panels to go – 4’ high, 8’ high etc. If you don’t need to have a specific height you can specify that you would like the liner panel to go up to the first girt, second girt etc.

Wall louvers are available through many metal building manufacturers. If natural ventilation is required, this may be the way to go.

As with roof accessories it’s best to plan for your wall accessories in advance and order them with your building to save additional costs down the road.

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