How to Plan and Build My New Metal Building Kits – Part 7 – Roof Accessories

In the next couple of installments if our series we will discuss a variety of miscellaneous accessories for your new prefab metal building kit. This topic could provide the framework of an entire E-book. We will try to give you the “Coles Notes” for pre-eng steel building and metal building kit accessories.

In the last installment we discussed how to incorporate doors and windows into your new prefab building according to your required use. These doors and windows are really accessories to your building as well.

As mentioned above we will break the topic of accessories into categories: Roof Accessories, Wall Accessories and Miscellaneous Accessories.

Accessories on the roof can be some of the most important items to focus on. If the accessories are not designed to be installed on your particular type of metal roofing you may be in trouble. Leaks can make the difference between a perfect and satisfying installation and a nightmare.

Let’s do a quick run-down of some of the available roof accessories for steel metal buildings:

Some roof panels have matching translucent panels which can be installed to provide natural light into your new building. These panels are most often not insulated. If an insulated skylight is required you may wish to take a different approach.

There are numerous roof skylights available for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional installation. These however do not have roof flashing that would be compatible with your particular roof profile. In this case you would need to purchase and install an insulated roof curb complete with matching flashings purpose built for your roofing profile. You would then simply mount your skylight on the roof curb, install standard flashing and sealants.

Pipes that need to penetrate the roof can also cause roof leaks if not installed properly. There are a number of roof pipe flashings that are designed to work on most metal roofs. Some of these are rubber, some are neoprene and still others are a combination of metal, rubber and neoprene.

Roof vents are sometimes required as well. Most reputable pre-eng steel building and metal building kit manufacturers have a variety of roof vents suitable for use with their buildings and roofing profiles.
You may wish to have a metal liner panel installed on the inside of your metal building’s roof. There a number of ways to accomplish this depending on your roofing system and the look your wish to achieve.
Make sure that you understand all of your options for your roof installation. Planning for your needs now can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars down the road.

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What to Do Next

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