How to Plan and Build My New Metal Building Kits – Part 6 – Doors and Windows – Welcome In!

This installment in our series deals with doors and windows for your new metal building.

In the last installment we discussed what loads you need to account for in your building according to your required use.

In this article we will discuss how to choose your doors and window options. Some manufacturers offer a specific type of door or window while others will provide openings only.

Let's start with "man" doors. These will include the main entrance doors and all other required or desired means of egress (exits).

Building codes provide guidelines as to how many or how often a means of egress is required. The code that governs us here personally says that exits are required so that the line of travel within the building is less than 50 feet or one exit for every 80 feet of exterior wall. Be sure to check your local codes.

As I mentioned some manufacturers will provide the opening only. This means that they will include the vertical framing members and the header framing for you to install. You must then source a door and door frame to install in the opening.

Other manufacturers will provide you with the structural framing, the door, frame and hardware as well as all siding trims. This may prove slightly more expensive than finding the door, frame and hardware yourself but you will have a complete and compatible system when all supplied by your manufacturer.

Next are the larger service doors. Most manufacturers can provide a sliding door for service entrances. However many people prefer to have a roll-up door installed instead. In this case you must decide on your door opening size that the manufacturer will provide (along with required framing and trims) and then you would again source a roll-up door yourself.

Windows like doors are sometimes available from your metal building manufacturer. In this case you simply decide on which window configuration and size you prefer and order that with your building kit.
However if your manufacturer does not have a line of windows available you will need to find your own window source and have the manufacturer provide the openings to suit.

The location of windows is important as well. You may wish to place windows in an area that was dedicated to wind bracing. In this case the bracing would have to be relocated to another bay or you would see the bracing cables in front of the glass. (There is another more expensive option and that is called a "portal frame").

As a bit of a side note here, some roofing profiles have translucent panels available to add natural light from the roof. Most of these are not extremely energy efficient so I would think carefully about using them if you require comfort and climate control.

When getting your quotations from various manufacturers you must understand completely exactly what they are providing you with so that you can make the proper assessments (you know, the apples to apples thing ;-)).

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