How to Plan and Build My New Metal Building Kits Part 4 Structural Framing Requirements

Welcome back to our series on planning and constructing your new metal building kit.

In the first few installments we lead you through a couple of items in preparation for soliciting prices for your new metal building kit. These items are not necessarily the order in which a supplier would address your new metal building.

I chose to approach the order this way because many would-be metal building owners have ideas about what their new building would look like and how big it might be.

Now we get down to the mechanics of your metal building kit.

The location of the structural main frames or skeleton of your new metal building may be more important than you might first think.

If you have specific locations for large doors or want a wide bank of windows in just the right spot then the structural main framing will have to be designed and located accordingly.

In some cases for reasons of economics you may have interior columns. These columns help support the main roof rafters. However, these interior columns may be in the way of a manufacturing line or storage racking and handling.

If you have production lines or assembly lines you may require that these columns are located so they don't interfere with the operation. In fact, the whole main frame may have to be located for this same reason.
Now if you do not require precise locations for the columns in your new metal building it is best to allow the manufacturer to engineer the building frame locations.

Why? The manufacturer's engineers will place the main frames and columns in the most economical locations. (Remember they are trying to be the most competitive so that you will choose their quotation.)

Consider your metal building's use carefully to ensure that there will be no columns or main frames interfering with your building's operation.

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