How to Plan and Build My New Metal Building Kits – Part 10 – Insulation

In this installment of our series we will discuss why insulation may be required for your new pre-eng steel metal building kit.

In the last installment we discussed some miscellaneous accessories available for your prefab steel building. Insulation may be considered an accessory for your kit and may be required because of use – and not just for the thermal advantages.

But let’s face it. Insulation is primarily used to keep a building warm in winter and cooler in summer. Pre-eng steel buildings have become so popular that the insulation companies have developed a number of insulation products designed specifically for these building kits.

The primary metal building insulation comes in rolls – often custom cut for the size of your metal building. The rolls are three or four feet wide and come in a variety of thicknesses. You can achieve a very high R- or U- factor with this insulation product.

You would take your building height and add a couple of feet to it and order your wall insulation to be cut to that length. This allows for handling the insulation to stretch it tight to give a smooth white finish inside (see below).

You would do the same for your roof insulation. Order your metal roof insulation to be cut a couple of feet longer than the run of the roof on each side. You may also have to add for a ridge overlap on one side.

The rolls can be purchased with different “skins” on them depending on your intended use. A popular skin is a white “scrim”. This is a white vinyl vapor barrier with reinforcing that is bonded to the insulation.

This skin can have one or two tabs running down the length of the insulation. These tabs may be self adhesive or used for staple joints.
Once the insulation is stretched over your building and the insulation backer tabs have been sealed to one another you will have a well insulated building with integral vapor barrier.

Other skin or backer options include a variety of weights for the white scrim and a foil scrim backer as well. The foil reflects heat back to the source while the white scrim brightens the building with reflective white.

Of course you can also opt for insulated metal panels for your wall or roof covering. In this case, rigid foam is bonded to the metal siding or roofing. Most often these panels have an inner metal skin as well making them a sandwich panel. If the seams on the inner metal panel are sealed to one another you again have your vapor barrier intact.

As I mentioned at the top, insulation may be a requirement for you even if you were not going to heat your building. A thin layer of insulation with vapor barrier backer will reduce or completely stop condensation from forming on the structural members and dripping on your equipment. For this reason I recommend using at least some insulation on the roof of your metal building.

Roll insulation with a backer is surprisingly inexpensive. This is definitely something that you will want to consider before ordering you metal building kit.

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