Prefab Steel Manufactured Commercial Buildings


Why is it that we are seeing more suppliers of prefab steel Manufactured Commercial Buildings?  This is actually a rather easy question to answer in one word.


Demand for an economical, superior quality product that can produce a fast-track construction schedule for Commercial Metal Buildings has never been greater.  Developers understand that a ‘systems’ approach to steel building construction can shave weeks and even months off the construction schedule.  Quicker construction time equates to quicker turn-over which ultimately means a quicker return on investment.

Demands of non-combustible construction for commercial buildings by municipalities and newer construction codes has caused a swing from wood construction to other building materials.  Steel construction is by far the most economical of these materials.  Because of the high strength to weight ratio, Prefabricated Metal Building Kits not only provide an economical framework above ground, but can actually reduce the costs of foundations and footings.

Demands by savvy commercial metal building purchasers for a high quality product have increased the demands for more metal building manufacturers.  It would be extremely difficult to argue against the fact that a building fabricated in a quality controlled manufacturing environment can produce a higher quality product.

The demands listed above are not limited to one or two types of metal buildings but to the entire realm of construction types.  We have seen high demands in the pre-engineered metal building industry that has put a strain on delivery times.  Instead of a 6 to 8 week fabrication cycle, some have been pushed out as far as 12 weeks.

Panelized commercial metal buildings are fast becoming the metal building system of choice for the low- to mid-rise commercial market.  In this type of construction, structural, load-bearing wall panels are assembled using light gauge metal stud framing.  These panels are then out to the site and stood in place.  In some cases, the floor framing system and roof truss system are also fabricated from light gauge metal framing.  This type of construction is extremely fast and efficient creating a very economical alternative for the commercial building market.

 Another type of small commercial metal building is the type where the actual exterior wall panels carry the roof load.  These metal buildings are most often used where there is only one floor.  Even the metal arch buildings or Quonset-type buildings are being used for single floor commercial buildings.

You can see that speed of construction, economical pricing and the high quality of the non-combustible product has caused a demand for more quality metal building manufacturers.


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