The best type of Indoor Horse Riding Arena

What ingredients are required for a good indoor horse riding arena? There are a number of requirements that – when provided – will give optimum performance for an equestrian arena.

First, let’s consider what is going to happen in the structure. Riding of course. That means that large open areas will be required. Pre-engineered steel buildings are ideally suited to this requirement. Clear spans of 300’ or more are achievable for your riding arena using Metal Building Kits.

Bleacher seating or viewing galleries may be required in your horse arena. Pre-engineered metal buildings can be designed to carry the loads of mezzanines or second floor levels for raised equestrian viewing areas. As well, bleacher seating can easily be fitted between frame lines.

In most cases, very high ceilings will be desired. Horse arenas constructed using engineered metal buildings  can meet virtually any eave height requirement you may need.

Large openings will be required in various locations in covered horse arenas. Again, the Pre-Eng Steel Building shines. Large, high openings can be achieved almost anywhere around the perimeter of the structure.

For the health of the horses, your Metal Farm Buildings, horse barns or horse riding arenas will require good ventilation. Prefab metal building kits have the capability of having ventilation on the roof, side walls, and end walls. Ventilator kits and cupolas can be added as well.

You may wish to have horse stalls included in your indoor riding arena as well. The ability to locate columns at various spans along a column grid line makes preeng metal buildings the ideal building method again.

An addition to your equestrian riding arena is a breeze with pre-engineered metal buildings. The original building can be designed so that the building can be easily lengthened. Lean-tos can be added to the side walls if required as well.

Of course, there are many other ingredients required for an excellent riding arena. But in terms of the building itself, it would appear from this assessment that the ideal building structure for your indoor horse riding arena is a pre-fab metal building!


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