Timberline's Construction Project Management Software Module

  • Timberline offers a powerful Construction Project Management Software module as we noted in our article Timberline Software. This type of software is a MUST-HAVE for the progressive, aggressive cutting-edge contractor of today.

    In today's fast-paced construction market-place including the Prefab Metal Building Kit industry, construction managers require up-to-the-minute information on every phase of their project(s). Tracking the projects from start to finish is the main purpose of this management software module. The very best decisions are made with having accurate and up to date information.

    If one of your projects goes 'south', when do you want to know? When it's all over and you can't do anything to steer the project in the right direction? Or would you prefer to have the information available to you in order to circumvent a possible financial disaster? No need to answer those questions.

    On a large project, your project manager could be faced with hundreds of requests for changes which could in turn lead to Change Orders. With this software, all correspondence can be tracked including the documentation of the change orders. All information relating to a specific change has been saved to that order leaving nothing hanging.

    Time sensitive information required can be flagged so that if the information has not been received by the required time, a notice will present itself to that effect. How great is that? Your Project Manager or assistant will be notified that you need to chase the party involved to get that information to you ASAP so that your project will not be held up.

    Drawings can be documented as well. This feature alone could save you from disastrous consequences. You will know at a glance, which subtrades are working from which version of a specific drawing. No more guessing who has the latest - or more importantly - a superseded drawing.

    Site meeting minutes can be documented and distribution lists can be managed. Keep track of RFI's, submittals, P.O.'s and subcontract. Again, important items can be flagged for time sensitive information.

    When teemed up with the Timberline Construction Accounting Software module, your project manager can have real-time job cost information. If a particular job item or function is going over budget, your project manager can jump on it right away and minimize the impact.

    All of the information and reports available are completely and easily customizable to suit your particular company's needs. Having one company-wide management system will increase efficiencies and reduce redundancies.

    With Timberline's Project Management Software, you and your clients will be pleased with the professional and efficient way that you can handle all of the document control issues for your construction projects.


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