Construction Associations – Top Ten Benefits to Membership

There are a great number of reasons why Construction Association membership is an advantage to contractors and subcontractors. Not all associations offer the same benefits, but rest assured – construction associations all offer some huge advantages to the Prefab Metal Building industry and the construction industry at large.

There are a great number of reasons why Construction Association contractor or subtrade will have their own priority for these advantages. You will undoubtedly re-prioritize them as suits your needs.

1.    Membership Directory and Buyers Guide - Most associations publish a   new membership directory each year. This up-to-date reference tool is distributed to members, architects, engineers, other associations etc. in your area. Work can be directed your way as a result of this useful tool.

2.    Plan Room - Plan rooms are an integral part of the construction association. Trades can make use of the facilities offered by completing their take-offs of plans available at the association.

3.    Technical Services - Associations have highly qualified staff members prepared to meet members’ needs in regards to photocopying, faxing and computer help. Many associations offer internet services whereby members can access plan lists, bidder lists, addenda, low bids and awards.  Some even have an electronic plan room where members can access drawings from their own office via computer.

4.    Contract Documents - Contract documents, contract forms and many other documents are available at construction associations at discounted prices. Some associations even offer affidavit services for swearing before an Affidavit Commissioner.

5.    Library - Construction related publications such as the Daily Commercial News in Canada are available for viewing at the associations. As well, safety materials, handbooks and manuals are available for members’ use.

6.    Lobbying - Local associations, are members of state or provincial associations which are in turn members of national associations. As a member of your construction association, you have representation on issues from local to national matters that can affect your industry and thus your livelihood.

7.    Group Insurance Plan - As members of your local association, you are eligible for group insurance coverage through their broker. Many contractors and subtrades are too small to be able to afford such coverage.

8.    Mediation and Arbitration - Many associations will arrange mediation or arbitration services upon your request. As well, both union and non-union contractors can utilize the labour relations services offered by associations. Answers to questions regarding the Employment Standards Act, Labour Relations Act, and even in the Human Rights field may be as close as your association’s telephone.

9.    Meeting Room and Educational Services - Many associations offer the use of their meeting rooms or classrooms for your business meetings. Throughout the year, most associations provide members with educational seminars and industry pertinent courses.

10.    Social Events - Periodically, construction associations provide members with social events services by arranging attendance at sports events and functions, dances etc. This opportunity to mingle and network can prove invaluable to enterprising contractors and subs.

As we noted earlier, these are just a few of the benefits to membership in your local construction association. I’m sure that by investigating the possibilities you will find some advantages more beneficial to you than the ones that I have addressed. Check out your local association and find out how membership can add credence to your professionalism.


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