Prefab Metal Building Kits - Are You Getting the Right One?

Do Your Prefab Homework First - It Could Save You Thousands on Your New Metal Building!

The construction world is fast being taken over by the 'systems' approach and steel is by far the major component.  This website offers you tips, tricks and insider-information based on many years in the construction industry. This experience includes residential metal building panelization and pre-eng steel building dealers/constructors.

Prefab Metal Building Kits have become a very popular construction method for a host of economic and environmental reasons.

Steel and metal buildings do not twist, crack warp or rot like wood buildings can.  These structures have been shown to withstand nature's worst conditions.  They are virtually maintenance-free and keep their good looks over an extended period of time.  And to top it off, they are almost completely recyclable and many components are manufactured using recycled materials.

Whether you are looking at a garden shed, a home workshop, a great new commercial building, industrial building, office building, arena or agricultural building, steel is the right product.  These buildings are manufactured in a controlled environment to ensure high quality and control.  The components are then put together in a "kit" form right down to the assembly fasteners.

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Just imagine yourself purchasing a new prefab metal commercial or industrial building.  Quick construction time, aesthetic good looks, no maintenance and design flexibility.  You can get what you want, when you want it and it's there for the long-haul.  Now you can concern yourself with what's important... building your business.

The same assets hold true for the smaller residential buildings.  Metal panelized homes, garden storage sheds, metal garages and workshops are all available with high quality, quick and easy erection and lasting street appeal.

So what "homework" were we talking about?  You need to find out what's out there in the prefab building market especially the metal kits.  What accessories are available?  What options are available?

You can get multiple quotes on-line.  Written quotes are required so that you can compare "apples to apples".  If one quote does not specifically say that an certain item is included, then you need to ask.

Once all of the quotes are comparable you can make an informed decision on which of the metal building kits is best for you - with little or no hassle.


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Pre-engineered steel and prefab metal buildings are now being used in every sector of construction except perhaps high-rise towers. But even there, prefab metal framed building panels can be engineered to withstand the wind and seismic loads for use as in-fill in a structural steel or concrete framework.

On this website we will attempt to inform and enlighten by differentiating between pre-engineered steel building systems, light gauge framed prefab building packages and engineered arch steel building kits. It is important to understand the differences in order to decide on the best type of steel or metal building kit for your applications.

We will offer you some tips, tools and insider information throughout our website to help in your metal building purchase process. With over 35 years experience in the construction industry including over 13 years as the owner of a construction company, we will use our experience in an attempt to make your decision as painless as possible.

It is important for you to know that seasoned professional builders and contractors understand that the key to a smooth project is directly related to the amount of 'up-front' work completed well. The more you know and understand about your metal building kit and the specific system, the better the job will go. With research and due diligence you will have a comfort level which will greatly reduce stress and very costly mistakes.

To better explain the uses of the various types of metal building systems, we have taken the 'building use' approach. For example, there are great benefits for prefab kits of industrial and commercial metal buildings for owners and operators. Metal Garden Storage Sheds and steel mini storage buildings prove to be extremely economical an versatile. In agriculture, metal farm buildings and barns are becoming more and more popular. Prefab residential metal building packages can remove some of the anxiety prospective new home owners might have about whether their new home is well constructed. Metal shop buildings reduce or remove the required maintenance making for less 'down time' and more 'shop time'. And prefab Metal Garage Building kits offer quality and economy for our 'toys' and 'toy shops'. There are a wide range of metal building accessories to complement each type of steel building construction and use.

We have links to sites that have construction equipment, tools, "big boy toys" and metal building kits for sale.  Find what you need and get great pricing in a wide variety of manufacturers.

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As we continue to provide you our valued visitors with up-to-date data, it's important to us that we provide the information that you require.  Please feel free to Contact Us with questions and/or helpful suggestions.


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